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management, restoration & development plan

RISF's comprehensive Management, Restoration & Development Plan (1999) is presently serving to guide Foundation leadership and City officials in realizing the Island's unique potential, by developing sports and recreational facilities, restoring its vast natural environment, reclaiming and maintaining parkland, and sponsoring community-linked programs for the children of New York City. The Plan was funded by RISF Trustees and by grants from The New York Community Trust and the Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation. It was compiled based on the expertise of Foundation leadership, the City of New York/Parks & Recreation, and an advisory group of Park users. The Plan has earned widespread support and is being carried out through a carefully calibrated balance of individual, corporate and foundation philanthropy, public funding and private investment.  The new Icahn Track & Field Stadium is the first of many projects in development on the Island, to be followed in the near future by: a Visitors and Nature Center; nearly 70 new and improved soccer, baseball and softball fields; an Island-wide pathway system; and extensive environmental restoration. In addition, private developments including a Tennis Center and Water Park are planned for 2006 and 2007, and will generate much-needed revenue toward Park maintenance.


Aimee Boden, Executive Director
Randallís Island Sports Foundation

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City of New York Parks & Recreation
Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor
Adrian Benepe, Commissioner