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RIK Sports Programs

Since their inception in 1993, the RIK Sports programs have evolved and expanded in response to a combination of necessities and opportunities. RIK Sports now provides more than 14,000 of the Cityís under-resourced children with athletic activities on safe, open fields. Each week, we bring hundreds of children, ages 6-18, to Randallís Island Park from public elementary, middle and high schools and community-based organizations in Central and East Harlem and the South Bronx. They come by buses that RIK provides free of charge or walk over the 103rd Street footbridge from East Harlem.

RIK Soccer

Run in partnership with Asphalt Green, RIK Soccer provides participating groups with access to soccer fields for practice and play, and offers an intensive instruction program. Groups are broken into sections of ten with individual coaches; children learn soccer skills, play games, and are provided with both exercise and recreation. The current program works, during the school day, to bring East Harlem middle school classes to RIK Soccer for 6-8 weekly sessions per semester Ė which serve as the studentsí only opportunity for physical education. RISF is planning to expand significantly upon these programs, using the premier soccer field adjacent to Icahn Stadium.

RIK Dance Fitness

Run in partnership with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, this program is comprised of weekly dance fitness classes, which provide rigorous aerobic exercise accompanied by music and led by experienced instructors.

RIK Tennis

Run in partnership with the Randallís Island Tennis Center, RIK Tennis provides professional tennis instruction, along with rackets, balls, and bus transportation.

Jesse Owens Track & Field Club

Run in partnership with the New York Road Runners, this program offers children ages 6-18 weekly instruction in track and field. Our goals are that all participating children increase their knowledge of and interest in track and field; demonstrate improved running technique; improve their attitude toward physical fitness; increase their understanding of and motivation for healthy eating habits; and improve their self-esteem. All instruction is held at Icahn Stadium, RISFís premier track and field facility, and includes sprinting, relays, long jump, high jump, javelin and shot put.

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