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randall's island kids (RIK)

To address the needs of local children, and to take advantage of the unique open space, fields and facilities at Randallís Island Park, the Randallís Island Sports Foundation (RISF) operates year-round Randallís Island Kids (RIK) programs. All of these programs are offered free of charge to more than 14,000 children, and are run in close partnership with more than 120 local public schools and community-based organizations in Harlem and the South Bronx.

RIK Camp

Six-week free sports and nature camp at the Park:

  • Baseball; Softball; Soccer; Football; Basketball; Volleyball; Tennis; Golf; Fitness; Horseback Riding; Track & Field
  • Nature Walks and Activities
  • Run in partnership with 20 local community-based organizations
  • Annually serves nearly 5,000 under-resourced children from Harlem and the South Bronx

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RIK Sports

Year-round free daytime and after-school youth athletic programs:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Dance Fitness
  • Jesse Owens Track & Field Club
  • Sports practice and instruction with professional coaches
  • Run in partnership with dozens of public schools and community-based organizations
  • Professional training and development for school coaches and youth counselors
  • Annually serves nearly 10,000 under-resourced children from Harlem and the South Bronx

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RIK Nature

  • Semester-long comprehensive on-site environmental studies program
  • Saltwater and freshwater wetlands sites
  • Woodlands site
  • Annually serves 200 local public school students
  • Run in partnership with Bank Street School of Education’s Tiorati Workshop for Environmental Learning & Mathematics and local public schools
  • Integrated science and math activities, incorporated into school curriculum
  • Teacher training and professional support
  • Documented and reproducible program

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For further information on RIK programs, contact Sabina Ellentuck, RIK Director at 212-860-1899 or email sabina.ellentuck@parks.nyc.gov.


Aimee Boden, Executive Director
Randallís Island Sports Foundation

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City of New York Parks & Recreation
Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor
Adrian Benepe, Commissioner