How To Win On Instagram As A Virtual Assistant

The online space has opened up new opportunities that were a dream a few decades ago. There has arisen a new breed of workers known as the virtual assistant. This group will perform all the duties that a personal assistant can do but they will do them remotely. They will do things such as booking hotels, taking down notes, generating reports and communicating on behalf of their bosses without being there physically. You could be having these skills but how do people know that you are the right fit by marketing yourself on social media? The following are simple tips on how to win on Instagram as a virtual assistant.

Develop a strategy

You could be the best virtual assistant but without a marketing plan, the chances of securing clients through Instagram are very slim. Your strategy does not have to be fancy but should indicate what you intend to achieve and how you will do it. Such a plan enables you to balance between marketing and tackling the tasks that you get from various clients. Do not use a sales voice but ensure that you tell your clients why they need your services and the benefits that come with such an engagement.

Have a complete profile

Potential clients want to engage with real people when they have such an undertaking. This means that they want someone who understands their needs, who have empathy and can connect emotionally with clients. The choice of your username can be your name or business name depending on how you choose to present yourself. The bio section gives you a chance to link back to other profiles or websites. You can request your potentials to check out your portfolio by clicking the links on your bio section. Keep updating your bio to include your latest developments in this field.

Use a growth tool

Managing social media and tackling clients’ work can be overwhelming. However, the two bits are important and you have to find a balance. You can use various automation tools and get the best out of the two worlds. You just have to know what you want to achieve because different tools have different features. Check out both customer and expert reviews of these services such as these at to land on the best. Auto-liker tools can help you attract other Instagram users and improve engagement on your account. Jonathon Spire reviews some of the coolest auto-liker tools that you can use today.