Games that enhances gross motor skills

It is the joy of every parent to see their children performing at the highest level. You feel happy when you see your child running around the house, skipping with friends, kicking the ball in the playground, and riding the bicycle in the backyard. All these wouldn’t have been possible if not for your child’s gross motor skill.

Let’s look at some games that enhances gross motor skills

Egg Races

This game requires a spoon and an egg. Your child will be given a spoon in which an egg is placed on it and will have to take the egg carefully from the starting line to the finishing line without dropping it.

This game should be done by more than one child and the one who gets to the finishing line first with the egg still intact in the spoon will be declared the winner.

Most kids fail this task because they focus on getting to the finishing line before others and then take off their eyes from the egg. This game is very good for cognitive development.


This game works with the use of swing sets that moves to and fro. it is one of the best outdoor activities that influences your child’s social and cognitive improvement. Why not hop over SwingSetFun to get your child the best swing sets.

Balloon Toss

This game works by blowing up multiple balloons and tossing them back and forth. With multiple balloons in the air, your child duty is to make sure that none falls to the ground. This game helps your child to strategize and time accurately.

Riding a bike

Bike riding has an indispensable way of improving your child coordination and balance. For children who have health issues related to balance and coordination should try and be taught how to ride a bicycle. By so doing you will boost and improve your child’s self-confidence.

Toe Pick-Up

This game requires that your child take off his or her shoe and socks thereafter your child will have to pick up each ball provided and drop them into a bucket.

The Run-Around

The importance of this game is that it will help your child to be sensitive and observant to things that surround him/her. You will ask your child to do a task and unknown to him/her, you have placed the instruction or hints for the task along the path. Your child duty is use her initiative to look for the instruction and get the task done.