Ergonomics in a Nutshell

Something that no one spoke about is now the standard. Not because we want to be so precise with everything, though it does have a little bit to do with that, more so because doctors and universities have proven that it results in additional medical costs. Costs that your employer is responsible for so when he sets up an ergonomic workplace he’s not doing it for you. He’s doing it to reduce the costs of his part of the health insurance.

To not further upset you I’m going to address employers, companies, businesses in this post opposed ot the end-user of the office equipment that we’re talking about. If you run a home-office on your own you can read more at Free Your Spine as they are the top reviewer in this niche.

According to the OSHA it costs employers about one billion dollar per week, yeah you read that right ONE BILLION DOLLAR each and every week in compensation costs for sick employees and that doesn’t even include the indirect costs which are apparently hard to measure as there is no mention about this.

Knowing how much costs can be prevented will stimulate most company owners to take action and provide their staff with top-of-the-range office furniture. The most common injuries are musculoskeletal disorders or in short MSD, this accounted for 31% of all cases so we’re talking more┬áserious now, and we already know what is causing this as that’s what this post is all about.

Where do those expenses come from exactly? Well, sick employees of course, and not just for a few days, they often require extended medical care and can be at home for weeks and sometimes even months at a time, with the risk of it coming back or worsening. The costs for the employer simply continue during this time, no relief for them.

The solution are ergonomic programs and not just the furniture, there’s more to a healthy position then just sitting in the right chair, employees need to be coached and trainer how to maintain a healthy position and they need to be given plenty of short breaks in between. It’s recommended by multiple doctors that office workers need a short break of 5-10 minutes every single hour. Yes, we understand very well that every minute not worked is money lost but if someone is gone for months on end you had hoped you wouldn’t be counting those minutes.