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contact information

Main Office:

24 West 61st Street
New York, NY 10023
Tel: 212-830-7722
Fax: 212-830-7710

Randall’s Island:

Icahn Stadium
20 Randall's Island
New York, New York 10035
Main Tel: 212-860-1899

Administrative Staff:

Aimee Boden
Executive Director

Jonathan Greengrass
Vice President of External Communications

Daeman Di Stefano
Finance Associate

Pinky Keehner
Associate Director

David Salerno

Nichole Spates
Associate Director of Development

Anne Wilson
Director of Planning & Development

Park Staff:

Scott McAuliffe
Principal Park Supervisor

Debbie Unger
Horticulture Manager

Phyllis Odessey
Horticulture Manager

Sabina Ellentuck
Director of Community Corporate Relations

Lou Vazquez
Director of Track & Field, Icahn Stadium
(212) 860-1899 x101
(212) 860-2486 - Fax

Tom Paliswiat
Park Superintendent
(212) 860-1899 x102
(212) 860-1830 - Fax

James Washington
Crew Chief
(212) 860-1899 x103

Sportime Tennis Center:

Ted Dimond
Phone#: (212) 427-6150
Fax#: (212) 427-5650
Visit Website.

The Golf Center & Batting Cages (212) 427-5689

Field & Special Events Permits
(212) 408-0226

Horse Back Riding at Wards Island (212) 860-2986



Randallís Island Sports Foundation
24 West 61st St., 4th Floor
New York, NY 10023
(212) 830-7722

City of New York Parks & Recreation
Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor
Adrian Benepe, Commissioner
William Castro, Manhattan Borough Commissioner
© 2006 Randall’s Island Sports Foundation