The Can Opener Has Sure Grown Up

If you were around 50 years ago, and many of you are, the can opener was not much to behold. It used to be nothing more than a little device that you clasped around the can and crank around until you had completely opened. Many didn’t crank it all the way around, worrying that the lid would fall inside the can, which was not always as easy to get out as they would have liked. Ah, the bad old days.

Since that time, can openers have sure changed. Now these appliances are quite sophisticated Can Cutters that can do so much, maybe more than you could imagine. They truly have grown up.

The Options Available to You Now

While this may not seem like a big deal to many people, the truth is that a really good can opener can be a tremendous convenience. Now, you can find these appliances that offer a whole lot of features that can make your time in the kitchen a lot safer and more efficient. These include such things as…

The Easy Lock – if you have ever tried to get a somewhat bent can open or one that has that little crick in it where the can opener keeps sticking then you know exactly what is being talked about. The can opener will keep coming loose at that spot and can be a bear to get open. These easy lock systems can really be of great benefit because they keep the can opener cutting around the can, ensuring that the lid comes off safely. It also grasps the lid so that it does not fall into the stuff inside the can which, if you are a person worried about germs, is the last thing that you want to have happen.

Easy Single Body Design – most of us are familiar with the kind of can openers that you clasp onto the can by pushing the two handles together until the tooth cuts into the can. They you cut and turn. Now the single body design gives you all the functionality that you had with the dual handle kind, but is actually much easier to control and does a better job with the can cutting. You will truly love this because it not only is easy to use but is quite ergonomic. It is actually becoming one of the most popular manual types of can openers on the market.