Month: September 2017

Mini Sewing Tasks

At Times, Mini is All You Need for Your Sewing Tasks

No one should be duped by the use of the word “mini” in the description to think that the Singer mini sewing machine cannot deliver on any job. Well, this machine comes with so many features for such a small sewing machine. Most of the features that are packed in this sewing machine are normally reserved for larger, more expensive machines.

Singer Mini Sewing Machine Features

Marketed as a craft machine, this mini sewing machine is all a person needs for all hemming, mending, and of course, crafting projects. Small in size and portable, this mini sewing machine runs on four AA batteries or AC power. The sewing machine is ideal for lightweight tasks. Some of the features include:

  • A 2-speed slider
  • Eight on-board stitch variations
  • Choice of a foot pedal
  • A bobbin
  • Needle threader

These features make for a perfect lightweight sewing machine that even children can use, with or without supervision. These features can handle fabrics ranging from natural fibers to synthetic blends.

Operating the Singer Mini Sewing Machine

The first and obvious reason why one should consider this machine is its portability. The machine is compact and light in weight, making it easy to transport from one point to another.

Selecting a stitch variation is as easy as turning a large dial to the right or to the left. The dial signals the user via a click that a different utility stitch has been selected. As much as it is easy to select a particular stitch, there is no way to choose the size of the stitch. The stitches are ideal for craft jobs and mending, and great for teaching beginners about different types of machine stitching.

The machine, being portable and meant for small projects and quick mending, comes with just enough power to handle such projects. A user has the option of using buttons to change the speed to high or low. The slow speed is ideal because the user will not feel like they are losing control when working on a sewing project. The speed is also ideal for beginners who are keen on learning how to handle the speeds before they work on bigger machines.

The foot pedal is sensitive ad a user has the option to attach it to the rear to regulate the speed. The pedal can either be on or off at any given time. The sewing machine comes with two speed markings – L for low and H for high speed.

The most amazing feature of this sewing machine is the ease of threading. The user has to thread through the bobbin, which comes with an easy to detach plastic cover.

One of the biggest cons is that the sewing machine doesn’t have an on board light. This forces the user to have a source of light aside when working in dimly lit conditions.

Final Words

The Singer mini sewing machine makes the best portable yet compact sewing machine for beginners as well as seasoned seamstresses. Ideal for children learning the art as well. Make an order today and learn the noble art of craft making and sewing.

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