Month: June 2017

Does Catholicism have changed?

Current events in the world develop in the way that all who have not lost the head for fear or fanaticism yet begin to get off gradually together. Moreover, Vatican which in the USA consciousness had quite certain and centuries deserved reputation begins to be perceived nearly as the potential ally in moral opposition to the evil.

Any dogmatic criticism of Catholicism is usually concentrated on it “medieval sins”. And therefore it often doesn’t achieve the objectives because the modern Catholic who has grown up during an era of the II Vatican cathedral answers: “I do not learn in this criticism of the belief”. Really, the criticism does not concern the present, and Catholicism aimed at “all originally progressive” since strongly would change (more on this website). Besides, in present Catholicism dogmatic consciousness, in general, is weakened: as often also happens in the West, the belief becomes too intimate business. Some of her distinctive “features” are realized as inconvenient remnants, and there is no serious relation anymore. Especially as own parish priest (if that is) sees things approximately. And external liberalism does Catholic Church a little distinguishable from Protestantism. The main thing is not dogmatic and sincere unity and social service. To be a kind person – here the real task … It, certainly, is noble. But it isn’t enough.

The mass consciousness of the Europe of the dogmatic person, have consigned to the past. The modern person can be “the real Christian” and without it.

Thanks to the organization the Roman Church, of course, has in many respects succeeded. The whole nations were baptized for the last centuries. The unconditional benefit is concluded that they addressed in Christ’s belief. «A grief to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites that you bypass the sea and the land to turn though one; and when it happens, you do him by the son of Gehenna, twice to the worst you” (Mf. 23: 15). Circumstances of the XX century have changed rules of the game and have forced to replace rhetoric. The II Vatican cathedral has proclaimed: “Conditions of the present set an urgent task for service of Church, namely: that all people who are nowadays more closely rallied by the diverse public, technical and cultural bonds have carried out also a full unification in Christ”. “The unification in Christ” has been coordinated to modern social progress. Of course, such formulation of the question isn’t surprising at all.

But nevertheless, questions appear. Really “the unification in Christ” is really caused by “diverse public, technical and cultural bonds”? And really the problem of it of unification in Christ” has arisen just now? Paul the Apostle disproves both when he speaks: “Be not conformed to this century but be transformed by updating of your mind to learn that there is a God’s will, good, pleasing and perfect” (Rome. 12: 2).

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